American Adopted,

Aussie Approved.

Don't be fooled by the delectably delicious cookie flavors you see before you. Those chocolatey, crunchy creamy delight bites are so much more.


The smoothest creamy center you can imagine, sandwiched between two layers of crunchy deliciousness and smothered in the sweet embrace of our signature Tim Tam® chocolaty coating.

Drooling? We don’t blame you.

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Classic Dark

There should really be a full symphony orchestra playing behind every bite of Classic Dark Tim Tam®. Ambient background noise just doesn’t seem deserving of the class and sophistication emanating from its layers of creamy goodness, crispy crunch and dark chocolaty coating.

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Dark Mint

Layers of crispy deliciousness and a dark chocolaty coating, wrapped delicately around a mint cream center like a gift for your mouth—a flavor so intensely luxurious, it leaves you questioning whether your teeth are ready to sink into such amazingness. Yes. Yes, they are.

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Chewy Caramel

Rich, chewy caramel surrounded by the creamy center of our already fabulous Tim Tam® just adds another level of amazing, if that’s even possible. Add two layers of crunch and a rich, chocolaty coating, and you’ve got a caramelt-in-your-mouth winner.

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